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Our Team

Our team of experts are uniquely qualified to help you by listening and bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to develop the most cost-effective service on the timeline that matches your needs. Our team ranges from senior leadership in companies like Starbucks and Amazon, to proven results scaling small to mid-range organizations from the ground-up.

CEO & Founder

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Ashley Cowan D’Ambrosio


Areas of Expertise: Human Resource Management, ADA Coordination and Nondiscrimination Law, Leadership Program Development and Education, Metrics-driven strategy development, Conflict mediation, Disability Expert

Led and directed a Human Resource department from scratch, growing the organization to a $2 million dollar company with her work on talent acquisition, legal review, process improvement and policy development.

Recognized expert in the field of education, providing a lecture on inclusive pedagogical techniques through the UW College of Education for over 3 years. These techniques informed the development of the award winning leadership development program, the ASUW Student Disability Commission.


Brian Cowan


Areas of Expertise: 30 years of management experience and 15 years of executive management experience leading large and small organizations at varying points of organizational maturity.

Succeeded and grew within top companies like Amazon, Expedia, FedEx and startups like, and more.

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HR Consultant

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Christine Lew


Areas of Expertise: Human Resource Management, ADA Coordination and Nondiscrimination Law, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) Trainings, American Sign Language/Deaf culture

Experienced researcher in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis including as a Research Assistant for the Center of Science of Social Connection, a research center that focuses on human relationships between diverse groups of people. HR professional with experience conducting requirements-gathering interviews with stakeholders for an HR Information System, streamlining onboarding processes, conflict mediation and developing leadership and skills training programs.


Disability / ADA Consultant

Lindsey Muszkiewicz


Areas of Expertise: ADA Coordination and ADA Audits, Disability Expert, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) Trainings

Disability/ADA Consultant for physical spaces, recipient of the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Medal in Humanities, and Former Intern for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, with a demonstrated history of providing entertaining and educational trainings relating to disability, nondiscrimination, and cultural sensitivity at the University of Washington. Specialties include bringing attention to intersectional identities and potential gaps in the workplace where intersectionality can improve.

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